What is this?

This is the Blaseball Hall of Fame. It is meant to recognize the greatest Blaseball players in history. The exact meaning of “Greatest” is intentionally left vague.

Greatest? In what way?

You decide! There’s no single metric. If you want to vote for players with great statistical performance, that’s valid. If you just want to vote for all players whose names start with the letter L, that’s valid too.

In short, what do I need to know?

Each Wednesday at 10 AM PDT, we will post a link to the voting form. You cannot vote as soon as the ballot goes out - wait until Wednesday. The delay is intended to give people more time to discuss. All players which meet the eligibility requirements will end up on the ballot. There's a total of 413 of them - here's a full list: https://bit.ly/hof_sheet. In the actual ballot, you will only be able to vote for up to 10 players. Players who end up with at least 55% of the vote will be elected. Those who don't will either fall off the ballot and be replaced by new ones, or stay up if they get enough votes to get past an escalating cutoff.

Isn't there already a Hall of Fame in Blaseball?

The Hall of Flame is a legally distinct, canon location in the lore of the game.. This has nothing to do with that. The Blaseball Hall Of Fame is supposed to be similar to the real life Baseball Hall Of Fame, sporting a similar induction process but with an open, instead of closed, voting process.

Who is eligible for the Hall of Fame?

Players with over 2000 combined Plate Appearances and Batters Faced are eligible for inclusion, and will eventually appear on a ballot. This ensures that players have played a significant amount of Blaseball, and is preferred over just the total games played, to account for the fact that lineup and rotation size has varied greatly through the course of the game.

How do I vote?

Every week, we will post a ballot with 36 players on our Twitter and on Discord. You can choose up to 10 of them to vote for. We will also be distributing an image ballot for you to easily share your choices!

How does a player get voted in?

If a player receives at least 55% of the votes on a ballot, they will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

How many chances do players get to be elected?

Similar to the Baseball Hall of Fame, players have up to 5 weeks to be elected. If a player receives less than 5% of the vote on their first week on the ballot, they will be removed and another player will replace them. This threshold doubles each week a player remains on the ballot.

Can we elect NPCs and Mascots?

No. The Hall is specifically meant for Players who have played the game.

How long is this expected to take?

Our initial calculations indicate that this process is likely to take a few months to pass judgement on every eligible player. The exact length is hard to predict, but we expect this to finish around the time the siesta ends.

Where can I talk about this?

We encourage discussion and debate. If you want to write a long form article, tweet, record a podcast pleading the case for certain candidates go for it! There will also be a few channels on the SIBR discord server for discussion: the appropriately named #hof-discussion as well as a billboard for posting propaganda and similar content, as well as a channel where you can discuss the running of the project itself (#hof-feedback).

My favourite wasn’t elected. I am upset about this, what can I do?

It is likely that many favourites will not make the cut for induction into the Hall of Fame. We expect this, and indeed this is partially a direct result of the ballot system, and the only thing you can do is passionately make undeniable cases for them during their eligibility. We do reserve the right to end this activity if it becomes unenjoyable so please keep your case-making civil! Remember that you always have the option to step back from Hall of Fame discussion, and you should do so when you need to, so as to take care of yourself.

Who do I contact about the running of this?

There is a channel where you can give feedback on the HoF’s procedures and systems on the SIBR discord, named #hof-feedback. You can also ping @hof-admin if there is something urgent or an error to be reported

What is the schedule like?

We intend to release the ballot each week on a Monday and then opening voting on Wednesday. This is to give folks a proper amount of time to consider their choices and discuss with others before submitting their vote. It is expected that each fan will vote only once per week. Each ballot will be open until Saturday. Results will be posted on Sundays.